Sunday , 20 January 2019
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NEW RESCUE BOATS coming soon . . . .

Our new rescue boats purchased with the Sports Capital Grant are due to be delivered very soon. There have been some changes in the plan for logistical reasons. Its vital that we have our new containers at Broadmeadows in place before our new boats arrive.  There is still a worrying amount of theft of engines on the East Coast. The containers will provide some preventative measures but this will also allow the engines to be kept on the boats at all times, thus making rescue duties a lot easier to manage.

The original plan was for the new storage to be put in place just the weekend before the arrival of the new boats but this is the revised plan . . . .


6pm – 8pm

6-8 people required, including if possible an electrician

·    Green container cleared completely as this will be taken off site the following day to be scrapped.

·    Small rack for Oppies dismantled and parts stored.

·    Kona container completely emptied of  equipment stored.

·    Fuel box moved.

·    Large refuse bins removed to outside gate.

·    All engines from engine shed taken out and stored in clubhouse.

·    Two catemarans removed from near gas tank.

·    All other boats moved near to railings.

·    Some lasers will need to be moved to safety.

·    Area for white 40ft container to be completely cleared.

·    Feva fleet to be moved to safer area.

·    All electrics to be disconnected in blue containers

Colaiste Dhulaigh
·    Brown container emptied into club house.

·    Green container completely cleared of all college property.

·     Boat storage rack to be moved out of way of green container to be removed.


8am – 12noon

MYC Volunteers not required

Colaiste Dulaigh

·    All vision boats to be put on Green.

·    All other boats to be put into field till 4pm.

·    Fuel store to be moved to railing.


12noon – 6pm

MYC Volunteers not required

Crane arriving to move containers

·    Existing containers to be moved to their new locations

·    Existing Green Container to be removed from site completely.


6pm – 8.30pm

MINIMUM 10 people required

·    All kona boats to be put back into blue container.

·    All engines back in blue container.

·    Main racking system at end of pen to be moved to other end THIS REQUIRES 10 STONG PEOPLE.

·    Topaz mast storage rack to be moved to new position alongside white container.

·    All lasers and Topaz pulled back into position.

·     Hunters may need to move to another area.



MYC Volunteers not required

Delivery of five new Containers





Delivery of all new Rescue boats

We need lots of volunteers in the final phase of this project as we have had to move our date forward to this week which I know is a very big ask and rather late notice. We have to separate our movements of containers with the delivery of new ones. In many ways this actually works out better for us as we now do not have to clear out the entire yard for crane movements. It does however mean that we all have to pitch in to get this very tight timeline to work. If you are free to help in anyway please contact the commodore by email

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