Tuesday , 16 January 2018
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The wind Gods back for Leinsters!
The Anemoi is the collective term for ALL four wind Gods within Greek mythology, each of them corresponding to one of the four cardinal directions:
  • North Wind: Boreas
  • South Wind: Notus
  • East Wind: Eurus
  • West Wind: Zephyrus

This year without exception these Gods only showed their muscle when the MYC crew left their home port.

Last weekend was no different. Competing at the Optimist Leinster’s, the strong south, south westerly winds gusting 34+  threw all they could at our sailors while visiting the National Yacht Club for this two day event.


To add insult to injury, wind against tide threw up big seas and more challenges.

However, the seasoned sailors response was SILENCE for they had all been here before, many times. This was “business as usual” and off they set competing against the elements like seasoned pro’s!

What a difference a year makes!

Looking at our sailors leave the relative calm of the sheltered southerly shoreline, to face the challenges that nature was about to throw at them, I could not help reflect just how far these kids have come in such a short time.

Only 8 months ago, the puppy eyes of our sailors would have glanced back, one last time,  in the hope that you (the parent) would signal a tacit approval to return. Not this time, their focus was elsewhere, on the challenges ahead, leaving you, surplus to requirements. Karma, for those early days, and a premonition of things to come!

They have honed their skills, overcome personal challenges and fears, supported each other and subsequently bonded as a team.

The later making them an enviable group amongst their peers. Moreover, each and everyone of them have been great ambassadors for our club. So congrats to all.

Perseverance always produces results. Yes….

James Anglim and Sophie Kilmartin, recent graduates to Gold fleets continued their quest into the higher ranks of the optimist elite. Watch this space next year!

Jamie Wynne took 5th place in the silver fleet. A BIG win here and congratulations!

And finally but by no means least we send our BIGGEST FLEET to optimist trials in years. Congratulations to the new comers, Joanna Berry,
Niamh Lynch, Kate Campion who will join the ranks James and Sophie


Starts this weekend Sunday 17th 12pm sharp. Fully booked with a fantastic bunch of new and existing enthusiast’s

This course will last for 5 weeks but WATCH this space next week as we announce details of a partnership of training events with HYC for the months of October to December!

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