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Boat Storage

The dinghy pen at the Club’s Dinghy Sailing Centre has capacity for some 100 boats.

Selected areas are designated to store Laser and Topaz dinghies while special racking is provided to store Optimists at three levels.

Sundry classes of boats are also placed in specified zones to maintain an orderly layout.

Pen fees are payable at the start of each season to keep a boat in the dinghy pen. A boat tag is attached to each paid-up boat.

2018 Dinghy Pen Tag Pricing

  • Optimist       €45
  • Kona            €25
  • Topaz          €45
  • RS Feva      €75
  • Laser           €75
  • Other Dinghy €80

Dinghy Pen Rules and Conditions

Dinghy Parking is available exclusively to fully paid up members of Malahide Yacht Club.  Members who purchase pen tags are deemed to be in agreement with the following:-

  1. Each boat must have valid insurance throughout the period of its storage in the pen. MYC does not bear any responsibility or liability for loss or damage to or by the boat during its time in the pen. Proof of insurance will be required when issuing pen tags.
  2. Boats must clearly display the current pen tag at all times when in the pen. Boats will be allocated a designated parking space and must return their boat to that space after usage.
  3. Boats must be in good seaworthy condition. Boats must be sitting on a serviceable launching trolley or stored on a racking area.
  4. The boat must be actively used throughout the season. Members who do not participate in sailing may have their pen tag terminated.
  5. Road Trailers should not be stored in the dinghy pen. Any road trailers left in the pen may be removed and left unattended outside the pen at the owner’s risk.
  6. The committee reserves the right to

a. refuse an application for reasons of insufficient available space or lack of adequate use;

b. allocate some spaces for less than the full season;

c. re-allocate spaces and rearrange boats as the need arises through the year.

  1. Owners will be required to remove their boat from the pen within seven days of notification, of either a written or an email request from the committee for reasons such as :-

a. failure to comply with conditions as set out above.

b. failure to remain a fully paid up member

In the event that the owner fails to remove the boat following a written request to do so, the owner authorises the Club to dispose of the boat in any manner deemed appropriate.