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Cruiser Racing Round Up

Encore, home from her Mediterranean home this year, taking part in club racing, headed off to Scotland for the Scottish Series and then on to West Cork racing again at Calves Week featuring in the top three at both events.
Tobago headed to Scotland where it changed hands and the Tobago crew came back on board their new boat, Phixius. Cheyenne also sailed to Scotland with the Irish Cruising Association and upon return headed further south to Greystones where it also changed hands. Another new cruiser in the club for next season Thira took an extended trip to Scottish islands via North of Ireland, away for almost five weeks. Focuz cruised to the Isle of Mann where they encountered more of the 2018 champagne sailing conditions.
Well done to all and the best of luck and safe sailing to the new boats coming in to MYC for 2019

On the cruiser racing season, we have some great events supported from all sections of the club.
Series 1 was well supported with Kahera taking 1st in both IRC & MPH
Series 2 we lost one race due to weather and Kahera again took the honours on IRC & Shenanigans taking 1st MPH on count back.
Series 3 Shenanigans took 1st IRC & Mon Reve 1st MPH
The Rockabill Rally was again another great day out where Zenda Bills and Ciaran O Reilly sailed their Focuz for the first time in challenging conditions and were crowned the winners for 2018.
The Cruiser Regatta was well supported by HYC both on the water and back in SJT where they partied late into the evening. Thank you to all who supported the Regatta both on and off the water especially to our Broadmeadow’s sailors for their help.
The Wicklow vase, well what can I say another fantastic day, from the beginning with the busy sight of the SJT carpark full of lasers and 420s; the cruisers who competed in the event; on the water with Colm Fitzpatrick as race officer who laid a great course which worked well for the both the cruiser and dinghy fleets.  Well done to the trophy winners, the 420 crew of Andrew Boyle & Ben Patterson with the cruiser Kahera skipper Russel Caimer a close second, pictured above.
The cruiser racing group completed their season for 2018 just last weekend with the final race in HYC Autumn League.

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