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Dinghy Racing 2017 Season

MYC  Dinghy Racing 2017 Season Sailing Instructions

The 2017 season kicked off with our Dinghy Early Bird Series on the 8th April – for the full racing schedule check out the MYC website calendar (just on the right of this page or click on the word Calendar on the top menu from anywhere else on the site).

New Sailing Instructions for all Broadmeadows series have been drafted and agreed with Class Captains.

All Racing Marks (1 to 9) have been fully serviced and were be in situ for last Saturday, thanks to Alan Johns’ and Roger Campion’s hard work.

1) Rules
The racing will be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing, I.S.A. prescriptions, Class Rules, the Sailing Instructions and any amendments thereto.
2) Changes in Sailing Instructions
Any changes will be posted on the Official Notice Board in the Broadmeadows Clubhouse
3) Signals Made Ashore
Signals made ashore will be displayed on the flagpole in front of the Clubhouse.
4) Classes and Starting Sequence
The starting area will be (where possible) near the middle of the Broadmeadows Estuary. Starts shall be in accordance with RRS 26.
Depending on numbers the starting sequence will be as follows (timings approximate)
Class Flag Sat Thur
Laser (All Rigs) Laser Flag 1500 1930
Other 1505 1935
Optimist O 1510 1940
Races 2(if a 2nd race) will start as soon as possible after the preceding race.
5) Courses
The Courses for each class will be displayed on the whiteboard in the clubhouse beforehand.
6) Starting Line
The starting line will be between a red and white striped pole on the Committee Boat and a red outer limit mark. (if afloat)
Or between the main mast at the clubhouse and the outer orange bouy (if a land start)
7) Shortened Course
A race may be shortened at a mark of the course in accordance RRS 32.2. The Class Flags of the classes being shortened will be displayed with flag S on a finish boat positioned near the mark. If no Class Flags are displayed then all classes still racing are shortened.
8) Finish Line
Unless the course is shortened, the finishing line will be between the red and white striped pole on the Finish Boat and a red outer limit mark (if afloat) or between the main mast and the outer orange buoy (if a land start)
9) Time Limits
The time limit for each race shall be 90 minutes. An extension of 20 minutes shall be granted to a Class if a boat of the Class has finished within the time limit. In all cases, boats not finishing within twenty minutes of the first finisher in their Class shall be deemed to have retired.
10) Safety
All competitors must wear adequate personal buoyancy while on or near the water. Wetsuits or drysuits are not considered adequate buoyancy. The decision to race is the responsibility of the competitors and / or their parents / guardians.
All boats must carry a securely fixed painter of minimum length 5metres. Optimists must carry bailers, which comply with class rules. All equipment, including rudders and daggerboards must be securely attached to the boat.
11) Penalties & Protests
One and two turn penalties in accordance with RRS 44.1& 44.2 Shall apply. Scoring penalties in accordance with RRS 44.3 shall not apply.
Notice of intention to protest must be given to the Finishing Boat (and acknowledgement received) immediately after the race in which the protest incident occurred. Protest shall be written on official Protest Forms. Protests shall be lodged within 60 minutes of the finish of the last boat in the protesters class in the last race of the day.
12) Scoring
The event will consist of up to the number of races completed (subject to weather) as indicated on the racing calendar at the start of the season (max 16 per series). The number of discards will be as follows :-

0 0 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 6 6 7 7 

i.e.   0 discards if 1 or 2 races,
       1 discard if 3 or 4 races,
       2 discards if 5 or 6 races  .  .  .   .  7  discards if 15 or 16 races.
Latest PY handicaps at start of series will apply for that full series.
Average points will apply for competitors either performing race management duties or rescue or if they compete in regional, national or international class events. ( Average = sum of race scores excluding discards / # races – for full series).
Maximum average scores to count per series = 2
13) Prizes
The Prize Giving will take place at end of season in SJT premises.

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