Monday , 10 May 2021
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Optimist Class at MYC

Dinghy Training Broadmeadows

We have a thriving fleet of over 50 Optimist Sailors in our Club, under the guidance and care of our Class Captain Paddy Ryan.

The Optimist Class is a very important part of the overall sailing mix in the Club.  It is the entry point for most sailors who will then grow up through the other classes in the Club.  Optimist sailors gain knowledge of the mechanics of sailing and most importantly they develop a love of this wonderful sport that will stay with them for life.

There are many areas where optimists are used within the Club.  Winter training, Spring training, the ISA junior sailing courses and Club Racing.  There have always been a number of sailors who sail the regional and national events at which they gain great experience in sailing in big fleets and on the sea.  Some have gone on to sail at international level

Each year starts with Spring training with the aim of encouraging as many sailors as possible to get as much time as they can on the water before club racing starts end of April.  They develop good boat control and improve the other skills that they might have picked up in the previous years sailing course and through club racing.

MYC has always been fortunate over the years to have a number of parents who give a lot of time and energy in organising racing, coaching and encouraging their children and others to get involved in sailing.  The success of the class is very much down to their own efforts, but not least to our dedicated Class Captain Paddy Ryan, who puts in so much effort, time and dedication to this success.

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