Monday , 20 May 2019
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Rockabill Rally

The annual Rockabill Rally takes place on Saturday 25th May departing from the Malahide Safewater Mark at 13:00, (Main racing fleet to set sail at 13:30 hrs)

The rally will be followed by a prizegiving & BBQ planned that evening in SJT  Read more . . . and book

Final Bookings for BBQ by midnight Wednesday please


Generally the planned format is:

Points will be awarded for the following

  1. Best dressed boat
  2. Oldest average crew age
  3. Youngest average crew age

The overall prize will be given to the boat who best enters the spirit of the day (fun sail)

If individual (adult) members want to get out on a keel boat participating then contact us so we can see if a crew place available on boats participating.

Briefing on the morning at 11:30 in SJT clubhouse carpark. Tides for the day are LW: 10:37 HW: 17:14 (Neap Tide)

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