Tuesday , 19 January 2021
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Getting closer to our restart!
A big thank you to everyone in the preparations of our restart of 2020.  
A new norm for us all, which we will gradually adjust to and in doing so keep us all safe.
There have been many volunteers helping MYC since we curtailed activities on the 15th March 2020.  Since then our Committee meetings have continued on schedule via Zoom.  Our social calendar has taken on new dimensions with our bi-monthly table quiz weekly speakers and virtual racing.  Sailing schedules have been populated along with safety boat rosters and OOD rosters.  Our Phase One, Return to Sailing has been warmly endorsed by Irish Sailing and we have made it available to all sailing clubs through Irish Sailing.
Two new Genoas have been cut for the two J24’s and are in-transit to Ireland. Battlng J and Billy Whizz have been anti-fouled with Billy Whiz sporting a new paint finish.  Both ready for launching this coming week.
Engines have been serviced for the safety boats and they will be run out on Monday. Our refurbished Broadmeadows Committee boat is ready and will be launched when we resume racing.  Our hard working cadets have made, painted and now naming over 20 trestles (that we know of so far) for the pen.  A new racking system for masts and foils has been installed in the blue container.
Both ramps at Broadmeadows have been cleared of gravel and the launch areas cleared of large rocks which had accumulated over time.  Recovery areas are set and social distancing reminders are now in place along with hand sanitisers.

See some images below of progress to date:

There are still a few more weeds to clear and boat covers to clean down though.  As we learn from our activities in Broadmeadows, we will apply this to St. James’s Terrace.  Our first jobs in St. James Terrace will be the cleaning of the hedging, weed clearing and new signage.  While the premises is closed, the ladies toilet will have a makeover.  Our entrance hall including our port and starboard lights will be freshened up.

Your Covid-19 Team, whom you should contact with any questions, suggestions or advice and offers of help are:-

  • Daniel Flavin, Commodore
  • Margaret Fay,   Communications Officer
  • Russell Camier, Keelboat Sailing Secretary
  • Niall Gallagher, Dinghy Sailing Secretary
  • Ann Molloy, Social Secretary

Very best wishes, continue to keep safe and see you in the near future. 

Daniel Flavin
Malahide Yacht Club

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