As we eagerly anticipate the start of the sailing season we are thrilled to share an exciting opportunity that’s just on the horizon. For those of you looking to enhance your sailing skills and tactics, the 420 Class Pre-Season training is an event you won’t want to miss.

Scheduled for the weekend of the 20th and 21st of April, this two-day intensive coaching session is designed to give sailors a significant edge before the season kicks off. It’s a perfect blend of expertise, practical learning, and exhilarating challenges.

The Coaches

Leading the charge are two highly respected figures in the sailing world – Graeme Grant and Cara McDowell. With their wealth of experience and insightful coaching styles, you’re in for a training experience that’s both educational and inspiring.

What to Expect

Over the course of the weekend, you’ll delve into a range of crucial sailing aspects, including:

– Mastering the art of starting
– Effective fleet management
– Advanced sailing tactics

These sessions will be tailored to the prevailing weather conditions and the overall skill level of the group, ensuring a personalised and impactful learning experience.

Entry Details

– Entry is open now and is based PER BOAT.
– The number of entries is initially capped at 8 boats, to ensure quality, focused training.
– If entries exceed 10 boats, additional participants will be accommodated – so don’t hesitate to sign up!
– The entry fee is set at a reasonable €80 per sailor, which totals €160 for each boat.


This event is proudly hosted by Malahide Yacht Club at Broadmeadows, a venue renowned for its splendid facilities and beautiful sailing waters.

Booking Your Spot

Reserve your place through the 420 class website’s ticket booking system at:

Slots are filling up fast, so be sure to secure your spot soon.

Special Offer for MYC Sailors

For Malahide Yacht Club sailors who haven’t yet had the chance to experience the 420, there’s one association 420 available for use during the training. This is an excellent opportunity, especially recommended for those who are already seasoned in ILCA/Laser, Optimist, or Topper sailing. Keep in mind, these two days of intensive training are rigorous but incredibly rewarding.

Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or looking to take your abilities to the next level, this training offers a fantastic platform to learn, compete, and enjoy the spirit of sailing 2 handed dinghy like the 420

We look forward to seeing you at the Malahide Yacht Club for what promises to be a weekend of top-level sailing and camaraderie.