Applicants are being accepted for Instructors and Assistant Instructors for 2023 Junior Development programme which will operate during the Summer Months – commencing Monday June 25th through to Friday 18th August 2023.  Applicants must be available for the ‘full week blocks’ (5 days/week), with a preference to appoint instructors who would be available to commit for 3 or more weeks during the season.    This pool of instructors will be used for other Instructor Opportunities during the season.

The following application form needs to be completed and submitted no later than 5pm Friday 7th April 2023;

  1. Instructors

Applicants wishing to apply for Instructors’ positions are required to have;

  1. Assistant Instructors

Recruitment of Assistance Instructors is limited to MYC members only – those applying for Assistant Instructor will have a personal development programme which progresses them towards either achieving ‘Assistant Instructor Qualification’ or ‘Instructor Qualification’ (dependant on age, availability and sailing competency).

Applicants wishing to apply for Assistant Instructors positions are required to have;

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